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The Biodiversity Data Lab

Who We Are


Tobias Andermann

Computational Biologist & Group Leader, Assistant Professor

I am a biodiversity researcher dedicated to providing data and computational tools for combatting the global biodiversity crisis. I am working in the intersection of molecular biology, spatial ecology, and machine learning, with the mission to provide a more comprehensive view on the distribution of biodiversity, including hidden diversity of inconspicuous and even undescribed species through the use of environmental DNA.

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Adrian Baggström

Nature Geographer, PhD student

I am a PhD student focusing on the fields of biodiversity, geomatics, remote sensing and machine learning. My interest is to research the possibilities of assessing biodiversity through remote sensing techniques such as spectral imagery, lidar and synthetic aperture radar. By combining these techniques with existing geospatial data and deep learning I aim to develop tools that contribute to the monitoring of biodiversity at different scales.


Monica Guilera Recoder

Ecologist, PhD student

My career started in Barcelona where I received my bachelor's degree in Environmental Biology at the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

After that, I decided to go abroad to gain more knowledge of the mycology field and studied for my master's in Ecology and Conservation here at Uppsala University. For my master's thesis, I worked with fungal speciation and genetics. Later on, I went to Oslo for an internship in mycology and luckily had the opportunity to come back to Uppsala and start my Ph.D. 

My Ph.D. goal is to optimize existing environmental DNA fieldwork sampling methodologies to assess fungal and insect biodiversity after disturbances in a more efficient way. As a disturbance, we will focus on which is the impact caused by forestry on fungal and insect biodiversity. 

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Beilun Zhao

Environmental Biologist, Postdoc

As an environmental biological researcher, my primary objective is to expand our understanding of spatial and temporal biodiversity to effectively contribute to natural conservation efforts. My research focuses on investigating the correlation between species' ecological niches and the state of environmental DNA (eDNA) in various ecosystems. By exploring this connection, I aim to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of eDNA-based methods in biodiversity monitoring, spanning both aquatic and terrestrial environments.

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